Should you wish to read up on any medical conditions, there is an excellent website with relevant up to date information:  Feel free to read this site and bring any queries you have to the doctor or nurses attention.

Here is a selection of the other websites we recommend:

Local Services provides a service for foot care in the borough for those patients aged over 50 and their carers kingston hospital is one of our local hospitals.  The website gives general information on services provided by the hospital along with directions on how to get there etc. is a new website specifically for the antenatal unit at kingston hospital.  Lots of useful information. is a local source of information for the new national health checks for patients aged 40-74  is a link to the local childrens centres who run various classes including minor illness management in chldren  provides quick access heart scans, mri scans etc is the local branch of the national MS society is one of the local private hospitals.  This website gives information on the location of the hospital and what services it provides etc. This is an excellent website that gives details on local services such as pharmacies, NHS dentists etc. Just type in your postcode for further information. is a private hospital based in wimbledon.  This website gives general information on accessing the hospital. is a charity that gives general information on mental illness and also on local services  store in kingston providing chiropody  St.Georges is the nearest teaching hospital based in Tooting and is one of the main local hospitals used by the practice. is the website of the local primary care trust. On this website you will find details of all local health services. is the website of the local psychology/talking therapies service – patients can self refer to this service – this is a list of the local family planning clinics–they also offer cervical screening and some insert coils.   this is the local stop smoking service. Please visit this site or telephone 0800 652 8019 – click on “books on prescription” link for excellent list of self help books to do with mental health problems is a local service that provides counselling, housing assistance and various other services.

Self Help Websites  is a good website for those who may have difficulties with consuming excess alcohol  is a registered charity and provides information on various allergies  is an excellent site with information on skin conditions. Lots of useful leaflets available.  a general website with health information A to Z list of medical conditions with comprehensive summaries  excellent source of information on all forms of cancer is a mine of information on diabetes contains lots of information as to whether you would be eligible for various benefits and supplements —general information on ability to drive after being diagnosed with various conditions. is a handy website that allows you to see whether you are entitled to any benefits—any family with an income of less than £62,000 per year should check this website is a good website providing help and further information on erectile dysfunction is the website of a rheumatologist who has excellent self help exercise sheets for commons musculoskeletal problems— the cheapest place we’ve found in the uk for buying over the counter medications such as glucosamine etc  IPSS – international prostate symptom scores. Printable document to assess extent of prostatic symptoms. — this is a handy site to obtain general information as to what you will need in the form of medical prevention when visiting various countries.  Please book an appointment with the practice nurse at grand drive surgery  to obtain specific advice.  this new website gives details on patients and their families who may be eligible for extra support in the form of milk and fruit and vegetable vouchers.  Criteria for this is on the website  A self help website allowing help with symptoms of depression or anxiety  – this is a memory test to check for dementia is a good source of self management also for anxiety and depressive symptoms  –  independent summary of the issues around the MMR vaccination  is a general database a bit like  is a voluntary association that gives assistance with sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks.  a one stop shop that gives information and leaflets etc on mental health issues is another online pharmacy that can be very cheap for some medication such as antimalarials.  See also is a great website for help with acne sufferers. — this website is the cheapest in the uk it would seem for malaria and travel medications!  We do not have a vested interest in the website but thought it best to pass on this information to our patients! See also  This site allows you to buy online a pre-payment prescription.  If you require more than one prescription per month then you are likely to be able to save money with this certificate.  provides excellent and free access to the expected growth charts for children of different ages  gives information on the treatment of tinnitus (RNID)  provides excellent information on illicit drug abuse and provides sources of information on obtaining help with coming off drugs  This website is great for teenagers with lots of information on teenage health  this site has a good range of exercise leaflets and guidelines for common problems such as neck/back/knee pains. is another very good site with similar leaflets Private MRI company based at London Waterloo. Charges from £200 per body region for an MRI scan and from £99 for an ultrasound scan— depression questionnaire  palliative care DNR form